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Mike - Can you put the content below in a nice designed and with icons similar to the admin, preparer and CPA registration pages? This footer link is for sellers who are interested in selling their practice to Blackline. A Shopify Page can't create the design I'm looking so I like the registration pages you've create and think the content below is suitable for the same. 

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Acquisition & Management of Tax Firms 

Are you thinking about retiring in the near future, maybe just scaling back or selling your practice? Blackline Partners can help you with your succession plan by acquiring your practice today and allowing you to transition out over the next 2 to 5 years.

Blackline Partners provides a unique internal platform that utilizes Lacerte Tax Software, Cloud 9 Web Hosting, OfficeTools and Microsoft SharePoint to better serve your clients. After the purchase, Blackline Partners will handle your firm’s Staff Recruiting, Human Resources, Marketing, Client Retention, Tax Software & Business Licensing, Technology and IT Support, Banking and Merchant Services, Business and Worker’s Compensation Insurance, Continuing Education, Accounts Payable, Employee Payroll, Employee Healthcare, Employee 401k Enrollment, Office Lease Negotiations, Accounts Receivable, Billings, Compliance Issues and so much more.
The legacy of your firm’s integrity will continue to thrive under our ownership and management.You’ve worked hard building your small tax & financial practice and deserve the best succession plan possible.


Our Blackline Brand:

Since 2013, we’ve prepared more than 100,000 tax returns. With Blackline, you have the resources of a large company, but the personalized service of a small boutique firm. Blackline is one of the most recognized and respected brands within the small CPA community in California. Our name represents strength, expertise, and stability.

How We Staff:

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Our Technology Platform:

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Our Revenue Growth Plan:

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Getting the Economies of Scale:

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About our HR Compliance:

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Who We Purchase

Blackline Partners is interested in purchasing small tax and financial firms that meet the following criteria:

  • Annual revenue that ranges from $500,000 to $2,000,000 (we will acquire practices with as little as $100,000 in revenue if located within close proximity to one our existing offices)
  • Tax practices may include bookkeeping, payroll audit, financial planning, etc.
  • Average tax return fees that range between $300 to $2,000 per return for individuals
  • Owner participation for at least the first tax season following the purchase. We encourage owners to stay on as long as possible for the best transition
  • Solid employees in place including at least one strong tax and administrative staff member who will stay with the company after the purchase (not required for smaller practices within close proximity to one of our other offices)
  • Locations are limited to the San Francisco Bay Area, Central Coast, Sacramento Region and Southern California.


Our Closing Process: {Use arrows like in track my order for the following}

Initial Meeting (Within 15 days)

Offer (Within 30 days)

Due diligence (Within 60 days)

Closing (Within 90 days)

Post on-Boarding (Within 120 days)


Our Partnership Option Plans

Blackline has financial 3 plans when we acquire a practice: {Needs to click for each 3 options to a page in shopify. I've set up pages already}

   Purchase Plan (Full Purchase of Practice) 

   Revenue Share Plan (Based on Performance of Business)

   Royalty Payment Plan (Based on Performance of Business with continuing Royal Payment after payment for the practice)

{The next 12 questions should be a separate page }

If you are interested in taking the next step, please complete the short questionaire. After the questionaire, we will if there is possible a good fit.

Click to complete questionaire

{Then it appears below}

 1) What is your annual gross revenue?

         a. Percentage tax ________________

         b. Percent bookkeeping/accounting _______________

         c. Compilation, audit or attest _________________

 2) How many employees do you have? _______________

 3) If any employee have key relationships with clients, enter the approximate annual revenue. _____________

 4) Enter number of years you are willing to transition. _________ yrs

 5) What city in California is your practice located? _____________

 6) What is the reason you are selling your practice? Check any that apply.

        a) It's time to retire. x

        b) Health x

        c) Tired of managing practice and employee x

        d) Moving from the area x

        e) Changing careers x

        f) Need cash x

        g) Other x

7) Type of practice:

        a) CPA 

        b) EA

        c) CTEC

        d) Other

8) Is your current office space month-to-month? _____________

9) If a lease, please enter the expiration date. _____________

10) Do you own the office building where your practice is located? Yes     No

11) What is the average billing rate of the firm?   $___________

           Or check here is you value bill.    x

12) What is the average fee of a individual tax return? $___________

Click to Submit

{prompts, based on answers submitted}

We've evaluated your questionaire and feel there may be a good fit. Please continue for next steps. 


Based on the information provided, we feel that our company may not be a good fit. However, please feel free to call Rob Hagerty t 1-949-310-9766. 


We are interested in speaking to you today about the purchase and future of your firm. Please call Rob Hagerty at 1-949-310-9766 to discuss today.  


 Mark to create chart and include in onboarding video

Why Blackline?        
Advantages over Competitors    
  Revenue Growth    
  Economies of Scale    
  Tranisition flexibility    
  Higher purchase price    
Multiple Seller Option Plans      
  Revenue Share    
Seller Questionaire      
What happens after I decide to Buy    
  Due Diligence    
    Sample DD items  
  Sample contracts    
After the Purchase      
1 Call with Management team  
Hand off to operation team