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Our History and Technology


The idea for SAM started in 2012. Born out of the experience gained from running a leading CPA firm in California servicing over 200,000 tax and financial clients and employing over 200 CPA's, and realizing there had to be a better way - for both the Customer and the CPAs. SAM's aim is to continue as a leader in providing quality tax and financial services but in a revolutionary way that simplifies the entire tax and financial advisory experience

We believe that every person and business has a right to equal access to expert advice. SAM serves entrepreneurial minded people, working professionals, independent contractors, and small business owners - people just like us. SAM is not just a team of 100% CPAs and EAs. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service for you, our Customer, as we would ourselves. You are SAM. We are SAM.


Our App

Even though technology has changed the fabric of every part of our lives, most CPA's operate in the same manner as in the 1970's. Change has proven to be difficult for our industry. In fact, most clients still mail or bring in their tax documents. Tax documents are then copied and scanned or mailed back to the client, not secure nor efficient for either side. CPA's spend much of their time (and costs) on management, staffing, training and administrative problems and not on their clients which translates to slow service and high cost.

At SAM, we've changed the customer experience. Customers now buy services through our app for tax and financial needs. Everything is electronic making our solution the most green and paperless in the industry. After you buy a service, the order is prepared, tracked and delivered virtually and then stored in a secured client app. A CPA team prepares and reviews your return so that it is ready for filing - all in the fastest and most cost-effective manner possible today.

We invite you to be part of our family of services and hope you enjoy your new experience.