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Compilation Checklist

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Compilation Checklist

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1. Trial balances as of and for the years ended December 31, 2017 and 2016, (in Excel
2. General descriptions of Company organization, history, operations and significant
accounting policies.
Property and Equipment
1. Details of additions and disposals, including sales proceeds received, if any, and
calculation of gain or loss recognized.
2. YTD accumulated depreciation of property and equipment (2017 and prior periods)
Other Assets
1. Allocation of Other assets for all businesses purchased among categories of assets
a. Customer lists
b. Goodwill
c. Covenants not to Compete
d. Property and equipment
e. Other assets purchased (please identify)
2. YTD accumulated amortization of intangible assets acquired (2017 and prior periods)
3. Detail of 2017 acquisitions (and dispositions, if any).
1. Detail of all lease terms at December 31, 2017, including:
a. Monthly payment amounts
b. Expiration dates
c. Rent Escalations
d. Other significant terms
e. Deferred rent calculations, including summary of future minimum lease payments
subsequent to 12/31/17 by year
1. Copies of debt agreements
2. Amortization schedules for all debt agreements
3. Current portion of all seller notes payable and bank debt at year end.
4. Amounts of any new notes, loans and advances made during 2017.
5. Details of principal repayments made on notes or loans or advances during 2017.
6. Description of terms of seller notes payable and bank debt (interest rates, maturity dates,
security, repayment terms, monthly payment amounts, etc.)
Members’ Equity
1. Detail of 2017 member contributions, if any.
2. Detail of 2017 member distributions.
3. Identification of other transactions with members or related parties.