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Features and Pricing

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The following special pricing is available to small CPA practices.

Our pricing includes the following:

    Monthly software fee                  $79.00

    e-commerce transaction fee               2.6%

    iPrep transaction fee                      6.0%

You receive the following benefits using iprep:

    Unit cost work preparation pricing based on 10% of the client fee

    Concierge services

    Your office becomes a "review office" only. Preparation work is performed through the app.

    More time spent on client revenue matters

    Client satisfaction is higher

    No more billing, WIP or AR

    Simplified process

    White label your webstore and client App 

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            Individual              24 icons

            Business               12 icons

            Trust                      12 icons

            Exempt                  12 icons

            Gift                         12 icons

            Estate                     12 icons

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