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Are you thinking about retiring in the near future, maybe just scaling back or s elling your practice? Blackline Partners can help you with your succession plan by acquiring your practice today and allowing you to transition out over the next 2 to 5 years.

Blackline Partners provides a unique internal platform that utilizes Lacerte Tax Software, Cloud 9 Web Hosting, OfficeTools and Microsoft SharePoint to better serve your clients. After the purchase, Blackline Partners will handle your firm’s Staff Recruiting, Human Resources, Marketing, Client Retention, Tax Software & Business Licensing, Technology and IT Support, Banking and Merchant Services, Business and Worker’s Compensation Insurance, Continuing Education, Accounts Payable, Employee Payroll, Employee Healthcare, Employee 401k Enrollment, Office Lease Negotiations, Accounts Receivable, Billings, Compliance Issues and so much more.

The legacy of your firm’s integrity will continue to thrive under our ownership and management. You’ve worked hard building your small tax & financial practice and deserve the best succession plan possible.

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Since 2013, we’ve prepared more than 100,000 tax returns. With Blackline, you have the resources of a large company, but the personalized service of a small boutique firm. Blackline is one of the most recognized and respected brands within the small CPA community in California. Our name represents strength, expertise, and stability.

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As a larger diverse company, Blackline has multiple ways of staffing people. We recruit out side in various communities within our office locations but mainly within our existing offices. Due to our cloud capability anyone from any offices may remote in to assist in preparation of tax retuns and other assignments. This means we are able to utilize our staff and full capacity.

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Our technology is state of the art. Blackline has multiple apps within the core technology platform. All tax returns and other assignments are centralized in our data base which allows full visability in making sure the workflow is properly handled and the experience is the very best.

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In addtion to the traditional "word of mouth" marketing Blackine has developed a centralized data base that complies all client data to cross sale many other Blackline financial services to our clients.

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Blackline Works with major vendors to ensure we get the best posssible prices and savings from products such as tax software, cloud services and many other product and services needed for our business.

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