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Criticals: By Friday

  • Finalize survey email
  • Finalize Lacerte login (Excel spreadesheet)
  • Finalize (Individual tax organizer)
  • Final Blue colors and all 14 icons
  • Mark - Finish Start a tax return organizers
  • Make all app changes by terese yesterday
  • Mobile app - move 6 sidebar menus horizontally to below Personal Services and above footer. This should fit nicely
  • Mark doesn't get 4 step email - just order confirmed


  • Finalize email with a downloads, organizers, etc for all 14 of the service product icons
  • Get subscription plan and discounting to work; also
  • How to upgrade from a basic to VIP
  • Paritaly plan still not working when signed in
  • Zip code/City premiums solution
  • Membership status to populate at My Account
  • Discount display while at "Check Price"
  • Complete 4 step emails

Old Changes:

        • Mark Should we put a note asterisk*?
        • Partnerships - Can we have a query as to the number of partnership and then price in bold accordingly? Same with State Returns?
        • At "continue to payment method", if not logged in and not a client yet, there needs to be a prompt that states: " You must sign-in and become a subscriber before continuing" 
        • Ready to Buy - Should have an asterisk next to it that states: "Error! please complete all fields above". However, this prompt should be next to "Get Price" not "Ready to Buy". Also only the "This option is required" should be in red not the title or icons. Change this option is required to"You must select one of the options above"
        • When you click "track your order", at bottom should be due date in red or it could be in box before you click
        • Where is 48 hour completion section
        • Mobile version - Clean up so useable


        • Lydia - Add notice protection disclosure in terms and conditions
        • Lydia - Add review and audit engagement letter
        • Terese: Clone shopify for Feeney
        • Marketing Person - Remove Shopify URL and replace with ours once we are ready to launch
      • New staff - Find crisp set of icons (Icon setter)
      • Lydia - Make sure text is consistent with other 14 pop down menus. Highlight in Red, any material item that may change a client's decision to buy. Clean-up typo's in all terms and conditions. They didn't copy and paste properly with some words running together
      • Terese - Ask Mike to review the Security and Confidential page in footer to make sure it is consistent to what is actual.
      • Terese - Review pop-up Survey
      • Mark - Add missing icons throughout
      • Mark - Add check list of documents needed for Step 3
      • Mark - Tax Planning needs a lot of work
      • Mark - Complete all services that we will be offering, then stop!
    • Mark - Set default billing if client forgets to check a box that adds an additional cost to service.
    • Mark - Provide zip code or cities list: Ontario, Santa Cruz, Hemet, San Francisco,