Hire our CFO

Hire our CFO

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Do you need higher-level accounting and financial expertise and guidance in your business but can’t afford a full time accounting management team?

CFO: The Visionary

A Tier One Services CFO creates a strong financial future.

Our CFOs produce cash flow forecasts to manage operations, financial models to raise investment capital, budgets for reporting to a Board of Directors, contracts to fairly allocate risk, and strategic plans to support our clients in creating the enterprise of their dreams. We bring people together, identify new opportunities for growth, and champion systems of shared, real-time information flow internally and with external auditors, tax preparers, and investors.

Tier One Services CFOs say: “What if?”

Controller: The Guardian

A Tier One Services Controller brings financial insights and protects organizational assets.

Our Controllers produce dashboards, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), sales trends, insights regarding profitability, effectiveness, efficiency, and areas of risk. We spot when cash is missing and when inventory doesnn’t add up. We uncover wasted time and money and proudly present apps, techniques, and streamlining to our clients. We stay on top of reporting deadlines, monitor compliance with processes and policies, and create a process for…everything.

Tier One Services Controllers say: “Here’s how.”

Bookkeeper: The Source of Clarity

Tier One Services Bookkeeper powers solid business intelligence.

Our Bookkeepers don’t just record debits and credits. They create an accounting system which is a treasure trove of business intelligence powering our clients’ data-driven decisions rather than leaving them to manage by gut. With geek-to-the-max savvy with QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Xero, Fathom, Crunchboards, and Excel, our bookkeepers are responsible for creating the financial statements and reports required for tax, audit, and grant compliance concurrently with detailed management and operational reports.

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